Art Club
Sponsor: Jennifer Harrelson

It’s almost time for the annual MES Art Club! Fourth and Fifth grade students will be
invited to participate in an after-school in-depth art project. We will begin Art Club in the second quarter of the school year. I know this year’s Art Club will inspire us all as our artistic Mustangs will show off their tremendous talent!

Sponsor: Shawna Gallagher

The National Beta Club has been encouraging and developing leadership skills in America’s youth since 1934. The ability to lead creates the conditions that enable others to be as productive and successful as they can be. One who is able to lead is able to accomplish extraordinary things by employing and maximizing their own strengths. The commitment to lead is vital in the establishment and defining of goals. A true leader is able to inspire trust, resolve conflicts, motivate others to their highest achievement, and most importantly be of service to others.

This past summer the Madison Elementary BETA club joined other schools in the county to compete in Orlando Florida.  The Caroline County Jr. BETA Club made a spectacular showing!

Board Game and Puzzle Club
Sponsor: Sarah Randolph and Megan Stewart
Email: and

We are excited to start board game club this year with our 2nd and 3rd graders! Games include, but are not limited to, Jenga, Monopoly, Connect Four, Checkers, Yahtzee, Trouble, Uno and much more

Book Club
Sponsor: Amy Penick

Book club gives students an opportunity to dive deep into a book to explore the characters, setting, and plot. Students will participate in discussions, games, and fun activities to help them make connections to themselves and the world around them.

Cheer Club
Sponsor: Crystal Patterson and Teresa Satterwhite
Email: and

Cheer team is a brand new club for MES! Members will be accepted from grades 3-5.  Meetings will take place on Wednesdays of every other week, following dismissal.  The character goals we will be focusing on are sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and responsibility.  We will be working on sideline cheers, chants and basic stunts (no higher than chest level, no tosses).

In order to participate and stay active, members must:

  • be in good standing with academics and behavior
  • have approval from their classroom teacher
  • remain in good standing with academics and behavior throughout the year while demonstrating the character goals listed above.

Parents will be required to sign a waiver of some sort for their child/children to participate.


Chess Club
Sponsor: Barbi Miller

Sponsor: Andrea Brock

The MES choir is a group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who gather because they love music.  This year the choir has several appearances, not only in school, but also out in the Caroline County community!

PTA Santa Breakfast: December 1 at 8:00
Bowling Green Christmas Parade: December 8 at 5:00
The Nutcracker: December 14 at 6:00
National Anthem at Flying Squirrels: TBA
Pyramid Concert: April 17


Math Club
Sponsor: Amber Penney

Students will be able to use and practice Math in everyday life skills. We will bring Math to life by cooking in the kitchen, working in the garden, creating in the workshop, and many other fun activities to show how we use Math in our everyday living.
Mustang Dance Club
Sponsor: Tracey Jones
Schedule: Thursdays, 4:00 p.m.
The Mustang Dance Club is an after-school program geared toward primary grade levels (K-2nd). We are committed each Thursday from 4:00 to 4:45 to physical activity through use of dance and movement. The leaders of the dance team are NOT formally trained dancers, but instead two teachers at MES who appreciate music and movement and the positive benefits it has on student development. The Dance Club promotes finding the rhythm in music and allowing the students to move in harmony with the music. The club allows students to enjoy time with peers (building sense of community) and exercise through dance in a structured environment.
Mustang Mover (Leadership Club)


Recorder Club
Sponsor: Andrea Brock

The Recorder Club will consist of up to ten 4th and ten 5th grade students who wish to deepen their skills and understanding in the recorder and reading music.  The Recorder Club will run during the second semester of school on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00-5:00.

Running Club
Sponsor: Chris Keneagy

The Madison Elementary running club provides students with a safe and positive place to be physically active. We promote and encourage teamwork, friendship, hard work and always trying your best. There are numerous benefits to gain from running and the students who participate are receiving not only the health benefits but also the knowledge to be physically active for a lifetime.  We start the year out with only 3rd-5th graders participating. The second half of the year K-2nd graders may join the club.  We end running club with having everyone running a local race.  Go Mustangs!

Sponsor: Sandra Robinson

MES has a very active Student Council Association. The organization is run by 4th and 5th grade student officers and is comprised of a class representative from each class in grades 3-5. The students participate in numerous activities ranging from community service to school spirit.  Our goal is to develop the necessary qualities and values in our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Star Performers
Sponsor: Andrea Brock

The Star Performers are a group of selected 4th and 5th grade actors.  This program teaches the students how to act and how to be confident in their performance.

Sponsor: Becca Schieber

Stem club meets every Monday this Fall from 3:50-4:45. It is currently for K-2 . Our club is a gathering of students that meets to work on inquiry-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Math related activities. This will include working with our robots that the school has acquired this year. Our next session will start in January and will be for 3-5 graders.

Yoga Club
Sponsor: Elizabeth Mitchell

Yoga club will meet Tuesdays at 7:45 in the gym. Yoga is a great physical activity for kids.  It helps students focus, can be a great mental break for them, builds strength, confidence, and a feeling of accomplishment.  Most importantly, kids have fun doing yoga, and it will be a great way to start each Tuesday morning.