BETA on My Mind

BETA members attended the state convention in Hampton, Virginia last week. Members competed in a variety of events and competitions. We are excited to announce that some members of the Mustang BETA Club qualified for nationals in Savannah, Georgia this summer.  Please keep a look out for opportunities to support these students’ accomplishments as they raise money to attend the competition.  Congratulations to all participants!

Reading Night

MES students and their families had a wonderful time during our Reading Night this week.  Students were able to create projects with music, STEM, or art while the teachers shared their love of reading.  In the music group the students created homemade harmonicas.

Hands on Learning in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students completed their unit on winter and hibernation by playing the part of an animal as they get ready for a long winters rest.  The students started by eating a snack to represent the animals eating extra before they begin their slumber.  Then the students found “dens” around the classroom and snuggled up with blankets and books while sounds of winter forest filled the classrooms.  When “spring” came, the classroom returned to a bright, cheerful place with plenty of well rested “creatures”!

Meteorologist Visits Fourth Grade

The fourth graders at MES had a treat this week when meteorologist, Mike Goldberg, came in to discuss how meteorologist use tools to determine the patterns that predict the weather.  The fourth grade classes had been learning about different weather patterns and tools.  The students were excited for their learning to come to life with this interactive presentation.

Meteorologist talking to students