Chess Club

In Chess Club students get to work on critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies while learning to play the game of chess.  The students are instructed on basic chess fundamentals and have an opportunity to play the game and learn from one another.

STEM in Second Grade

Second grade students worked in cooperative groupings in the STEM lab to create habitat projects.  They used recycled materials, animals created using the 3-D printer, and some items from home to create these dioramas of the grassland, forest, wetlands, and the ocean. Students enjoyed presenting their habitats.

Spirit Rock

Fifth grade students collaborated with MES art teacher, Mrs. Harrelson, to update the spirit rock.  The MES spirit rock sits outside the front of the school and is traditionally repainted each year by current fifth grade students.

Fire Safety

MES students were visited this week by the Ladysmith Fire Department.  The firefighters talked to the students about fire safety and what it is like to be a firefighter.  The students were able to watch a firefighter suit up and then look at a fire engine and ambulance.