Daddy Daughter Dance

Fathers and daughters dressed up and came down to MES for a special dance.  They enjoyed delicious treats and had a delightful time dancing together. The families are looking forward to many more special events like this to attend in the upcoming months!


Story Book Character Day

Today the halls at Madison Elementary School were filled with different characters from books and movies.  The students and staff enjoyed seeing the different costumes and trying to guess which book they came from.  The teachers were excited to show their students new characters from their favorite books!

Reading Buddies

Madison students are excited for reading as they participate in our  tradition of Reading Buddies! Each month upper elementary students are paired with primary grade students and they practice reading to each other. The students are always excited to work with their buddies and share the new stories they have been reading.

STEM in 3rd Grade

Third grade classes worked on a stem project last week.  The students had to create an Egyptian pyramid out of toothpicks and marshmallows.  The students enjoyed this engineering challenge.

National School Lunch Week

Last week families joined their students for lunch to celebrate National School Lunch Week.  The students enjoyed this special time sitting and eating with loved ones.

Families eating lunch together