Section E: Support Services

EA – Suppoprt Services (PDF)

EB – Schrool Crisis, Emergency Management and Medical Emergency Response Plan (PDF)

EBA – Buildings and Grounds Inspection (PDF)

EBAA – Reporting of Hazards (PDF)

EBAB – Possible Exposure to Viral Infections (PDF)

EBB – Threat Assessment Teams (PDF)

EBBA – Emergency First Aid, CPR and AED Certified Personnel (PDF)

EBBB – Personnel Training-Viral Infections (PDF)

EBCB – Fire Drills (PDF)

EBCB – Safety Drills (PDF)

EBCD – School Closings (PDF)

EBCD-R – Emergency Closing of Schools – Closing Procedures (PDF)

EC – Buildings and Grounds Management and Maintenance (PDF)

ECA – Inventory and Reporting of Loss Damage (PDF)

ECAB – Vandalism (PDF)

EDC – Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials (PDF)

EDC-R1 – Employer Provided Vehicles (PDF)

EDC-R2 – Employee Use of Vehicles (PDF)

EDC-R3 – Regulations for Use of School Owned Materials (PDF)

EEA – Student Transportation Services (PDF)

EEAB – School Bus Scheduling and Routing (PDF)

EEAC – School Bus Safety Program (PDF)

EEAD – Special Use of School Buses (PDF)

EEAD-E – Application Transportation for Educational Field Studies or Educationally Related Activities (PDF)

EEAD-R – Use of School Buses (PDF)

EF – Food Service Management (PDF)

EFB – Free and Reduced Price Food Service (PDF)

EFD – Food Sanitation Program (PDF)

EGAA – Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials (PDF)

EI – Insurance Management (PDF)

EIA – Property Insurance (PDF)

ET – Educational Technology Foundations and Public School Foundations (PDF)