Section I: Instruction

IA – Instructional Goals and Objectives (PDF)

IAA – Notification of Learning Objectives (PDF)

IB – Academic Freedom (PDF)

IC-ID – School Year-School Day (PDF)

IE – Moment of Silence (PDF)

IEA – Pledge of Allegiance (PDF)

IEB – National Motto (PDF)

IEC – Bill of Rights of The Constitution of The United States (PDF)

IF – Curriculum Development and Adoption (PDF)

IF-R – Curriculum Development and Adoption (PDF)

IGA – Basic Instructional Program (PDF)

IGAD – Career and Technical Education (PDF)

IGAE-IGAF – Health Education Physical Education (PDF)

IGAG – Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco (PDF)

IGAH – Family Life Education (PDF)

IGAI – Character Education (PDF)

IGAJ – Driver Education (PDF)

IGBA – Programs For Students With Disabilities (PDF)

IGBB – Programs For Gifted Students (PDF)

IGBC – Parental Involvement (PDF)

IGBE – Remedial and Summer Instruction Program (PDF)

IGBF – Limited English Proficient Students (PDF)

IGBG – Homebound, Correspondence and Alternative Means of Instruction (PDF)

IGBGA – Online Courses and Virtual School Programs (PDF)

IGBH – Alternative School Programs (PDF)

IGBI – Advanced Placement Classes and Special Programs (PDF)

IGCA – Summer Schools (PDF)

IGDA – Student Organizations (PDF)

IGDA-R – Student Organizations (PDF)

IGE – Adult Education (PDF)

IHA – Grouping For Instruction (PDF)

IHB – Class Size (PDF)

IIA – Instructional Materials (PDF)

IIAA – Textbook Selection, Adoption, and Purchase (PDF)

IIAA-R – Adoption of Text Books Flow Chart (PDF)

IIAB – Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption (PDF)

IIAE – Innovative or Experimental Programs (PDF)

IIA-R – Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Material Flow Chart (PDF)

IIBD – School Libraries Media Center (PDF)

IIBEA – GAB – Acceptable Computer System Use (PDF)

IIBEA-E – Sample Letter to Parents – Acceptable Computer System Use (PDF)

IIBEA-E2 – GAB-E1 – Acceptable Computer System Use Agreement (PDF)

IIBEA-R – GAB-R – Acceptable Computer System Use (PDF)

IICA – Field Trips (PDF)

IICA-R – Field Trips (PDF)

IICB-IICC – Community Resource Persons School Volunteers (PDF)

IJ – Guidance and Counseling Program (PDF)

IKA – Parental Assistance With Instruction (PDF)

IKAA – Grading Policy (PDF)

IKAA-R – Grading Policy (PDF)

IKB – Homework (PDF)

IKB-R – Homework Guidelines (PDF)

IKC – Scholastic Ranking of Pupils in Secondary Schools (PDF)

IKC-R – Scholastic Ranking of Pupils – Reg 1 (PDF)

IKC-R – Scholastic Ranking of Pupils (PDF)

IKD – Academic Recognition of Students (PDF)

IKD-R – Academic Recognition of Students (PDF)

IKE – Grade Placement (PDF)

IKEB – Acceleration (PDF)

IKE-R – Grade Promotion (PDF)

IKF – Standards of Learning Tests and Graduation Requirements (PDF)

IKFA – Locally Awarded Verified Credits (PDF)

IKFD – Alternative Paths To Attaining Standard Units Of Credit

IKF-R – Requirements of Graduation (PDF)

IKG – Remediation Recovery Program (PDF)

IKH – Retaking SOL Assessments (PDF)

IL – Testing Programs (PDF)

IM – Evaluation of Instructional Programs (PDF)

IMD – Ceremonies and Observances (PDF)

INB – Teaching About Controversial Issues (PDF)

INDC – Religion In The Schools (PDF)