Section J: Students

JB – Equal Educational Opportunities (PDF)

JB-F – Report of Discrimination (PDF)

JBA – Section 504 Nondiscrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures (PDF)

JC – School Attendance Areas (PDF)

JCA – Transfers by Students Victims of Crime (PDF)

JCB – Transfers by Students in Persistenlty Dangerous Schools (PDF)

JCJ – Classroom Assignments for Twins (PDF)

JEA – Compulsory Attendance (PDF)

JEB – Entrance Age Admission of Persons Not of School Age (PDF)

JEC – School Admission (PDF)

JEC-R – School Admission (PDF)

JECA – Admission of Homeless Children (PDF)

JECA-R – Admission of Homeless Students (PDF)

JECB – Admission of Nonpublic Students for Part Time Enrollment (PDF)

JED – Student Absences Excuses Dismissals (PDF)

JED-R – Attendance Policy (PDF)

JEG – Exclusions and Exemptions From School Attendance (PDF)

JFB – Student Involvement in Decision Making (PDF)

JFC – Student Conduct (PDF)

JFC-R – Standards of Student Conduct (PDF)

JFCA – Teacher Removal Of Student From Class (PDF)

JFCB – Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity (PDF)

JFCC – Student Conduct on School Buses (PDF)

JFCD – Weapons In School (PDF)

JFCE – Gang Activity or Association (PDF)

JFCF – Drugs in School (PDF)

JFCH – Tobacco-Free School For Staff and Students (PDF)

JFCI – Substance Abuse Student Assistance Program (PDF)

JFCJ – Written Notification of Violation of School Policies by Students in Alternative Education Program

JFCL – Notification Regarding Prosecution of Juveniles as Adults (PDF)

JFG – Search and Seizure (PDF)

JFHA-F – GBA-F – Report of Harassment (PDF)

JFHA-GBA – Prohibition Against Harassment and Retaliation (PDF)

JGA – Corporal Punishment (PDF)

JGD-JGE – Student Suspension, Expulsion (PDF)

JGD-R-JGE-R – Student Suspension Expulsion (PDF)

JGDA – Disciplining Students With Disabilities (PDF)

JGDB – Discipline of Students With Disabilities For Infliction of Serious Bodily Injury (PDF)

JHC – Student Health Services (PDF)

JHCA – Physical Examinations of Students (PDF)

JHCB – Student Immunizations (PDF)

JHCC – Communicable Diseases (PDF)

JHCC-R – Communicable Diseases (PDF)

JHCCA – Blood Borne Contagious or Infectious Diseases (PDF)

JHCCA-E – Guidelines for School Attendance for Children With Human Immunodeficiency Virus (PDF)

JHCD – Administering Medicines to Students (PDF)

JHCD-R – Administering of Medically and Nonmedically Prescribed Drugs (PDF)

JHCE – Recommendation of Medication by School Personnel (PDF)

JHCF – Student Wellness (PDF)

JHDA – Human Research (PDF)

JHDA-R – Human Research (PDF)

JHG-GAE – Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting (PDF)

JHH – Suicide Prevention (PDF)

JJAC – Student-Athlete Concussions During Extracurricular Activities (PDF)

JL – Fund Raising and Solicitation (PDF)

JM – Restraint and Seclusion of Students (PDF)

JN – Student Fees, Fines, and Charges (PDF)

JN-R – Student Fees, Fines, and Charges (PDF)

JO – Student Records (PDF)

JOA – Student Transcripts (PDF)

JOD – Release of Student Data Records (PDF)

JOH-GEA Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records (PDF)

JP – Student Publications (PDF)

JRCA – School Service Providers Use of Student Personal Information (PDF)