CCPS Budget Awareness, Education, and Advocacy

Educational leaders and School Boards are strategic. We are strategic in our thinking, planning, and analysis. We work with data daily, triangulating sources so legitimate problems of practice can be rooted out and problem solved. We identify multiple tactics and work collaboratively to operationalize the most feasible and impactful solution. We rely upon open communication, transparency, and well defined processes to support our team in developing the most viable plans and related financials. 

When integrity of process or decision making is called into question, CCPS anchors our response in data sets that naturally convey the factual story. We are intentional in our efforts to avoid “narrow” analysis (single lens or source) which can lead to incomplete interpretations and gross misunderstandings. For example, recent social media posts document external insinuations of the school division’s “waning support” of employee compensation paired with “underutilized increased annual budgets.” This narrative could not be more inaccurate and misaligned with the School Board’s ethical and professional norms, commitment to sound fiscal stewardship, and lastly – ongoing advocacy for regionally competitive salaries. 

To demonstrate a more comprehensive picture, click HERE and consider the following CCPS data points: Annual Operating Budget Overview, FY22 Instruction Budget Category, Historical Overview – Instruction Budget, and Historical Overview – Total Operating Budget Year End Funds.

We remain firmly committed to respectful conversation, healthy collaboration, and sound practices and procedures. We will continue to support enhanced financial education, awareness, and advocacy for our constituents, students, and employees. Finally, we encourage you to remain involved throughout the budget season (click HERE to view Budget Calendar) as we extend an open invitation to join the School Board and the CCPS team in advocating for a fully funded, needs-based budget inclusive of employee compensation for fiscal year 2023. 

In education,

Dr. JoWanda Rollins-Fells

School Board Chair


Dr. Sarah Calveric




Newly Deployed Wifi Trailers

Wifi Trailer

Caroline County Public Schools is excited to announce the deployment of six (6) wifi trailers to add an additional method of connectivity for our students and community. We have partnered with local churches and organizations that have graciously allowed us to use their grounds to park the trailers. The locations of each trailer are listed below. All trailers have documentation on how to connect, and a point of contact should anything need maintenance or repair. The property owner is not a point of contact for questions or concerns. We hope that this added layer of connectivity is beneficial to the community and students of Caroline County Public Schools.

Thank you to the following locations for your support:

  • Round Oak Baptist Church
  • Salem Baptist Church
  • Reedy Church Ruritan Club
  • Rehoboth United Methodist Church
  • County Line Baptist Church
  • Cardinal Baptist Church (available 12/15)

Location Map Link

Vote for Your Preferred CCPS 2022-2023 Instructional Calendar

Our dedicated Calendar Committee has drafted two instructional calendar options for the 2022-2023 school year and we would like your feedback.

Weigh in on your choice for Caroline County Public Schools’ calendar for 2022-23 by voting online for your preferred version. The calendar drafts both seek to accomplish a variety of ends, such as a Pre-Labor-Day start, instructional planning, 3-weekend winter break, a full week for spring break, clerical and professional learning time for teachers; and observance of numerous federal holidays. Your feedback will be reviewed and considered in proposing a final draft to be adopted by the School Board in February or March of 2022. 

Review the two drafts and then vote for your choice by clicking  HERE.   Deadline for voting is DECEMBER 15.

Together, we will design an academic calendar that supports high quality teaching and learning. 

2022-23 Instructional Calendar A

2022-23 Instructional Calendar B