All parents, teachers, and caregivers are encouraged to participate in celebrating Read for the Record, October 21, 2014. Read for the Record is a national campaign designed to encourage hundreds of thousands of children and adults to read the same book on the same day, October 21, 2014.

The ability to read is the foundation of literacy. Everyone is encouraged to set aside time to read to a child on October 21, 2014, and be a part of Read for the Record.

The Read for the Record Web site can be accessed at On this Web site, you can register to read to a child, obtain information on the selected book, and find out ways you can share your involvement with friends, family, and your community.

The fourth week in October has been designated as “Read Aloud to a Child Week” in the Senate Joint Resolution 409 (2001). In recognition of this, the Virginia Department of Education, in collaboration with Read To Them, a Virginia nonprofit family literacy organization, encourages all parents, teachers, and caregivers to join in celebrating Read Aloud to a Child Week, October 19-25, 2014.

Senate Joint Resolution 409 (2001) states, “Reading, the foundation of literacy, enables an individual to employ critical thinking and problem-solving skills proficiently to obtain employment and function in society, pursue personal goals, and develop his knowledge and potential.” It further states, “…children who are read aloud to by loving and caring parents, relatives, and other adults are more likely to have higher reading skills, become productive members of their community, less likely to drop out of school and create disciplinary problems, and experience greater school success.”

The Read To Them Web site can be accessed at On this Web site, you can find pledge sheets, teacher/parent letters, and tips for celebrating Read Aloud to a Child Week. Please join us as we participate in this week of reading aloud to children. Please contact your child’s school for additional ways to participate.

October 6th, 2014 CORRECTION: This incident occured in the area of Bowling Green, not the Town of Bowling Green.

September 26th, 2014: Caroline County Public Schools was notified last night that there was a shooting in the Town of Bowling Green. Once we were notified, we developed a plan to ensure the continued safety of all of our students and staff. We are still working closely with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department to ensure that we have a safe and secure learning environment at all of our schools. We will continue to closely monitor the situation. Counselors and clergy are available to provide support for students who need it.