The CCPS new teachers enjoyed a special celebration yesterday afternoon. To reward and honor them for their hard work and to celebrate the end of a successful first year in Caroline County, the new teachers were treated to pizza, veggies, cake, music, and door prizes. We love our new teachers!

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There will be a Special Meeting of the Caroline County School Board on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. at Calvary Baptist Church for the discussion of personnel (the Board will go into closed session).

The Virginia Board of Education adopted a resolution at its March 26, 2015 meeting allowing expedited retakes of SOL tests in grades 3-8. In our school division, we know our students work hard during the school year mastering content and skills in their classes in preparation for the SOL tests at the end of the year. While we have every expectation our students will pass, we are aware there are instances where students know the material but are unable to pass the SOL because of anxiety, not feeling well, or other reasons.

Based on state regulations, Caroline County Public Schools is offering elementary and middle school students the opportunity to retake a failed SOL test if they meet the following criteria:

1) Have passed the course associated with the test, and
2) One of the following:
• Failed the test by a narrow margin (scaled score of 375-399); or
• Failed the test by any margin and have extenuating circumstances that would warrant retesting (as determined by the school division); or
• Did not sit for the regularly scheduled test for legitimate reasons

In order for a child to retake a test, the school must have permission from the parent or guardian. To assist parents in making this decision, the following information may be helpful:

1) If your child does not retake a SOL test, it will not impact his/her grade or academic record
2) If your child retakes a SOL test and passes, it overwrites the previous failing score
3) If your child retakes a SOL test and fails again, the highest of the two scores becomes the score of record
4) Your child is only allowed one opportunity to retake each failed SOL test

Should your child be eligible to retake a SOL, you will be contacted with additional information. If you have questions, please contact Betsy Shortt, Division Director of Testing, at 804-633-5088, or your child’s school.

Caroline County Public Schools retirees were recognized last night at the Employee Recognition Banquet. Pictured below are:
Anne Lindsay-CMS
Charity Baker-CMS
Michael Carter -CMS
William Harrell-CMS
Cathy Gregory-SBO
Arethia Jackson-Transportation

Congratulations to all of the staff who were recognized at our Employee Recognition Banquet last night.
Teacher of the Year: Nikki Kiger – MES
Novice Teacher of the Year: Jessica Sefter-CHS
Support Staff of the Year: Elsie Johnson – Transportation
Also pictured is Dr. Rebecca Broaddus, Deputy Superintendent.Caroline County Public Schools Employee Recognition Banquet