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Laying a Foundation for Success

New Team Members

Caroline County welcomes these administrators to the team!
Dr. George Parker, III
Dr. George Parker, III
Division Superintendent
Prior to joining Caroline County Public Schools team, Dr. Parker served as the Assistant Superintendent for High School Education in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In this capacity he supervised and supported the leadership of 11 high schools and 4 alternative centers.
Dr. Sarah Calveric
Dr. Sarah Calveric
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Dr. Calveric began her career in Hanover County Public Schools, where she served as a special and general education teacher at the elementary and middle school levels. In 2002, she began her 11-year career as an elementary building administrator. In 2013, Dr. Calveric was named Director of Human Resources for Spotsylvania County Public Schools, where she has worked collaboratively with colleagues and stakeholders to oversee leadership development, mentoring, recruiting and retention, feedback and evaluation, human relations, and numerous interdepartmental projects.
Dr. Herbert Monroe, III
Dr. Herbert Monroe, III
Director of School Leadership and Improvement
Dr. Monroe has served as the principal of Henrico High School since 2013. Under his leadership, Henrico High School was named one of the best high schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Prior to Dr. Monroe’s tenure at Henrico High, he was principal of Lakeside Elementary School in Richmond for six years. Dr. Monroe was responsible for moving Lakeside Elementary out of school improvement by achieving AYP and full accreditation within his first two years as principal.
Dr. Joanne Jones
Dr. Joanne Jones
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Jones began her career as an English teacher at Hertford County High School in Ahoskie, N.C., in 1991. Since then, she has held positions in North Carolina as Assistant Principal; Principal; Director of AVID, English and Foreign Language; Director of secondary Curriculum and Instruction; and as a school transformation coach. In that role, she helped principals in North Carolina strategically improve their instructional programs to increase student achievement.

The mission of Caroline County Public Schools is to provide a world class education through engaging, inspiring, and affirming all learners.

Superintendent’s Post-Entry Plan

Download a PDF copy of Dr. George Parker's plan by clicking here.
High Quality Teaching and Learning

Of all the variables that affect student achievement, none has a higher impact than quality instruction. Simply put, a great teacher in every classroom makes an incredible difference for students regardless of socioeconomic or cultural differences. As CCPS increases its capacity to plan and deliver high quality instruction, it will eventually lead to success in other areas such as teacher recruitment and the development of a strong academic culture.

Improved Equity and Access to College and Career Opportunities

CCPS must be committed to providing every student a chance to pursue opportunities of individual interest in the areas of career and technical education and college-level coursework. Barriers to access must be assessed and eliminated. Through increased career research and guidance, students will thrive in an educational environment that is both challenging and responsive to their unique interests and talents.

Culture of Excellence

Culture is a powerful lever for organizational improvement. Focusing on interpersonal relationships and cultivating a culture of excellence promises to create the conditions where professional talent is nurtured and celebrated.

Talent Management

A school division’s most valuable resource is its personnel. If having the best professional talent in every classroom makes a difference for children, then CCPS must commit the necessary resources to attract, hire and retain the best teachers. In addition to teachers, maintaining a highly qualified and skilled administrative and support staff will ensure greater organizational efficiency and support for the instructional program.

Community Engagement

Community partnerships improve the quality of service to our students in many ways. Finding new and creative ways to involve the community in the daily operations of our schools is critical to improving educational opportunities for students.

Laying a Foundation for Success


Caroline High School

(Grades 9-12)


  • 324 freshmen
  • 318 sophomores
  • 278 juniors
  • 286 seniors

Caroline Middle School

(Grades 6-8)


  • 314 students in grade 6
  • 327 students in grade 7
  • 306 students in grade 8

Bowling Green Elementary

(Grades PK-5)


  • 58 students in pre-kindergarten
  • 135 students in kindergarten
  • 121 students in grade 1
  • 120 students in grade 2
  • 120 students in grade 3
  • 125 students in grade 4
  • 100 students in grade 5

Lewis & Clark Elementary

(Grades PK-5)


  • 79 students in pre-kindergarten
  • 164 students in kindergarten
  • 147 students in grade 1
  • 142 students in grade 2
  • 153 students in grade 3
  • 128 students in grade 4
  • 130 students in grade 5

Madison Elementary School

(Grades PK-5)


  • 52 students in pre-kindergarten
  • 83 students in kindergarten
  • 72 students in grade 1
  • 79 students in grade 2
  • 73 students in grade 3
  • 75 students in grade 4
  • 93 students in grade 5

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