An excellent education is personalized, relevant, and growth-producing; it empowers students to
reach levels previously unknown, and it is one that affords student voice throughout the educational
process. Quite simply, providing excellence in education is about meeting each student where they
are emotionally, socially, and academically and ensuring their needs are met through access to a
diverse offering of services, resources, and opportunities.

Achieve 2027 will serve as a roadmap to 3E Readiness for all CCPS graduates. Through intentional
collaboration, a relentless focus on evidence, and a commitment to action, assessment, and
adjustment, each student will work intentionally alongside staff, community partners, and family
members to reach their post-secondary pathway: Enrolled, Enlisted, and/or Employed. The CCPS
school community will embrace continuous improvement practices to maintain purposeful focus
on teaching and learning, relationships, health and safety, and talent management. This collective
school community effort will yield student graduates with the knowledge, skills, and experiences
needed to succeed regardless of their future endeavors.

Focused and empowered by our vision, mission, and core values, we know there is still work that
needs to be done to strategically employ new ideas and resources to elevate our comprehensive
student and employee experience. We will continue to remain fiscally responsible while providing
programming and resources that maximize student and educator impact. We encourage all of our
stakeholders to understand our strategic plan and to work alongside to… Achieve 2027!


Measures of Success: Select the goal to learn more about the achievements of Caroline County Public Schools and Achieve 2027.

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