Welcome to Caroline County Public Schools.

Curriculum and Instruction


Assistant Superintendant of Instruction – Dr. Herbert Monroe

Director of Elementary Education – Terrie Haley

Director of Secondary Education – Dr. Autumn Nabors

Division Coordinator of Testing – Beth Hausler

ELA Instructional Specialist – Kim Haislop

Math Instructional Specialist – Beth Burnap

Science Instructional Specialist – Rebecca Schieber

History Instructional Specialist – Courtney Lander

New Teacher Support Coach – Jamee Prewitt

New Teacher Support Coach – Andrew Merritt

Administrative Assistant – Stacey Hicks


Gifted & Talented

Caroline County identifies giftedness in the following domains: General Intellectual Aptitude (GIA)—a significantly higher than average innate aptitude for intellectual activities that cannot be acquired

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Divisions have a variety of state and federally-mandated assessments that must be given throughout the school year.  You may download the resource, 23-24 Division Testing

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