Mathematics Implementation - Community Corner

The 2023 Mathematics Standards of Learning were approved by the Virginia Board of Education on August 31, 2023. The 2023 Mathematics Standards of Learning represent “best in class” standards and comprise the mathematics content that teachers in Virginia are expected to teach and students are expected to learn. The 2023 Mathematics Standards of Learning will be fully implemented during the 2024-2025 school year. Below are some answers to the frequently asked questions about the CCPS mathematics program.  This list will continue to be updated as questions arise.  

CCPS has already begun working on making changes to instruction and assessment in grades K-12.  Our classrooms are currently filled with best practices in mathematics education including aligned rigorous instruction, critical thinking, and problem solving.  A CCPS Math Team has been created that brings together teacher leaders of each grade level/course to support the full implementation of the 2023 VDOE Mathematics Standards of Learning, create unity of teaching practices across the division, and review current curriculum and programs.

There are several notable changes from the most recent set of standards. These include the following:  

1) An emphasis on the mastery of basic facts: The mathematics standards establish foundational skills at each grade level and course for which students will develop proficiency. Building automaticity with basic mathematics facts is critical to ensure that students establish a firm foundation to learn more complex mathematical concepts in upper grade levels. 

2) Coherence:  Content standards for mathematics must be developmentally appropriate within a grade level and vertically coherent across the grade levels and courses to ensure that students master skills at each grade level. The focus of the standards concurrently emphasizes conceptual understanding, procedural knowledge, and application of mathematics content to provide building blocks from grade level to grade level and course to course.  

3) Mastery of Skills, Understanding of Concepts, and Application of Both: The mathematics standards foster the application of the five mathematical process goals including reasoning, communication, problem solving, connections, and representation, and set students up to recognize and see mathematics in real-world applications. These processes support students in becoming problem solvers and to be able to make mathematical connections using mathematical representations to model and interpret contextual situations. Preparing Virginia’s students to pursue higher education, to compete in a modern workforce, and to be informed citizens requires rigorous mathematical knowledge and skills. Students must gain a basic understanding of mathematical skills while also gaining an understanding of ideas. The approach taken in these standards ensures students can apply mathematical concepts.

The Virginia Board of Education adopted the 2024 Mathematics Textbook Review Process on September 14, 2023.  Mathematics textbooks are currently undergoing the textbook review and approval process at the state level. For more information, please visit the 2024 Mathematics Textbook Review Process webpage.  

Once the state has completed the review process (estimated completion- January 2025), CCPS will determine next steps in conducting a local review process for materials adoption.