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AdoptAClassroom.org is a United States based nonprofit organization created to help teachers purchase supplies for their classrooms by allowing people to donate directly to a teacher. It was founded in 1998.

As of February 2012, AdoptAClassroom.org has raised over $18 million from individuals and businesses to support underfunded classrooms, reaching over 4.3 million children. Over 146,000 classrooms are registered, representing all 50 states and U.S. territories. They represent 25% of the schools in the United States. AdoptAClassroom.org supports Pre-K through 12th grade classrooms, including public, private, and charter school classrooms. The organization has received a four star rating from Charity Navigator.

100% of donations made by individual donors go directly to the registered teacher. The teacher can then use those funds to shop online and have the supplies delivered to their school. Donors receive a report detailing exactly what the teacher purchased with their donation. AdoptAClassroom.org supports operations through contributions from foundations, businesses and individuals.

You can visit AdoptAClassroom.org at www.adoptaclassroom.org .