Caroline County Public Schools are  excited to partner with the Cook Center for Human Connection and their Mental Health and Wellness Resource Center: This is a Mental Health and Well-Being library for all families that provide any adult and caretaker in the district with a trusted place to go for qualified answers to the toughest parenting challenges from the premier therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists in their respective specialties who offer compassionate, anonymous, and supportive guidance for you and your children.

This FREE resource offers over 50 courses in English and Spanish created and given by licensed clinicians addressing topics like: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm, Bullying, Social Media, Substance Abuse, Grief and Loss etc.

The 4 Components of this Mental Health and Wellness Program includes the following services for our community:  

1. Monthly Virtual Mental Health Webinars – as chosen by our very own CCPS parents in a community survey

2. Parent Coaching : 1:1 Parent Coaching provides: A personalized approach to help parents with their family’s specific needs.

Each parent is paired with their own CBT-certified coach for one year. Behavioral strategies that support positive parenting outcomes are offered in a confidential weekly video call. Your coach is also available to message 24/7 through the app! 

  • Sign in to  
  • Click on “parent coaching” to sign up for a trained parenting coach then select “Register for Coaching”
  • Fill out the brief questionnaire and you will be paired with your own coach:  every week you will have a 1:1 video call to receive personal and supportive guidance on behavior strategies you can use to address any challenges you are facing with your family.  Coaching is free and confidential.

3.Online Parenting On-Demand Courses

  • In, click on “Courses” select over 50 plus free courses in the privacy of your own home. Once you are registered you can go back and complete any courses you started at your convenience in the privacy of your own home.

4. Ask a Therapist

  • In, click on “Ask a Therapist” to review therapist video responses to Frequently Asked Questions submitted by parents, or submit a question of your own. 

Questions: Contact Rachel Wheeler, Coordinator of Student Support Services at

Archived Recordings – Missed the Monthly Virtual Session?  Recordings will be posted here after the event!

Your Child’s Anxiety
Bullying- Stop The Cycle
Building Your Child’s Confidence
How to Motivate Your Child
Social Media: Protecting Your Child

Monthly Mental Health Newsletters

January – Vaping

Stay Informed and protect your kids. If you don’t know the first thing about vaping, this is for you! As vaping continues to impact the lives of today’s youth, staying informed is more critical than ever. In the January Newsletter: Clear Lungs, Bright Futures (English/Spanish), we highlight the latest insights, trends, and essential information about vaping. Discover why it’s crucial for parents to be in the know about this pressing issue and how you can safeguard your children’s health. Knowledge is your best defense.

February- Emotional Regulation

Unlock the power of emotional regulation in February’s Mental Health Newsletter(English/Spanish). Emotional regulation is the key to building resilient, well-adjusted children. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s crucial for parents to be in the know about nurturing emotional intelligence. This newsletter is your guide to understanding the importance of emotional regulation and how it shapes your child’s future success and well-being. Join our community of proactive parents and equip yourself with invaluable insights and strategies. Start your journey towards fostering emotional intelligence in your child.

March- Family Happiness

Discover the secrets to Family Happiness! In March’s Family Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish), we delve into the profound insights from the Harvard Happiness Study and how they can transform your family’s well-being. Learn how to nurture strong bonds, manage stress, and create a positive environment where happiness thrives. From teaching your kids the power of positivity to embracing change and resilience. Keep your family smiling by fostering happiness at home!

As always, check out the resources where you can access free courses led by licensed therapists on more than 50 topics. Check out the course titled, Everyday Happiness.  To access the course, simply navigate to and click On-Demand Courses.

April- Sleeping Sound

Discover the latest insights on how sleep impacts children’s mental well-being in our April Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish) “Sleeping Sound.” Dive into the crucial connection between quality sleep and children’s emotional health. Explore expert tips for fostering better sleep habits and learn how a well-rested child is a happier, more resilient child.

May- Understanding Mental Health Across Developmental Stages

Discover how to nurture resilient minds and foster emotional intelligence in your children as you help them navigate mental health at any stage. We hope the May Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish) brings you insights and expert advice to nurture your child’s mental well-being. From toddlers to teens, we’ll discuss navigating the challenges, and concerns around mental health and wellness.  

June- Bullying Prevention: Breaking the Cycle of School Avoidance

Your child’s safety and happiness are always top priority, so our June Mental Health Newsletter (English/Spanish) focuses on bullying prevention. Learn to recognize the signs, open vital channels of communication, and take meaningful steps to address bullying and school avoidance head-on. As always, check out where you can access free courses led by licensed therapists on more than 50 topics. Check out the course Helping Your Child When They’re Bullied. To view the course, go to and click “On-Demand Courses” then “Bullying.”