CCPS FY20 Budget Video 2

Good afternoon! It’s “Day 2” in the CCPS Budget Video Series… click below to learn more about the CCPS Budget Process and Priorities!

CCPS FY20 Budget Video Series

CCPS FY20 Budget Video Series Education, Awareness, Advocacy

Good afternoon, CCPS staff, families, and community members! Did you know that is is budget season? Dr. Calveric and senior staff members are excited to share with you a 5-day video series aimed at keeping you informed in three minutes or less! Enjoy today’s “Day 1” video topic… Education, Awareness, and Advocacy!

Summer Academic Program – 2019

When: June 3-June 27, 2019
Where: Caroline Middle School
Time: 8:00-1:00 PM

General Information:

  • Transportation, breakfast, and lunch are provided daily at no cost to students.
  • All K-5 and 6-8 summer academic and Project Graduation courses are at no cost to students who received recommendation letters to attend by the school principal.
  • There are costs for high school Credit and Virtual Virginia courses.
  • Letters will be sent home with qualifying students beginning March 19, 2019. Please complete the registration form and return by April 19, 2019. If you have questions, please see the school contacts below.

Administrative Contacts:

  • K-5 Summer Administrator: Geoff White:
    Lewis and Clark Elementary School: 804-448-0175, ext. 6024
  • BGES/MES School Contacts:
    Bowling Green Elementary School: Assistant Principal, Mrs. R. Bourgeois,
    804-506-2391, ext. 3037
  • Madison Elementary School: Assistant Principal, Mrs. T. Hicks:
    804-448-2171, ext. 2103
  • CMS, 6-8: Summer Administrator: Corinne Griggs:
    Caroline Middle School: 804-633-6561, ext. 4033
    CMS, 6-8 Grade Level Counselors:
    Ms. L. Morning, Grade 6 Counselor,
    804-633-6561, ext. 4024
    Ms. C. Hayak, Grade 7 Counselor,
    804-633-6561, ext. 4026
    Ms. K. Hughes, Grade 8 Counselor,
    804-633-6561, ext. 4025
  • CHS, 9-12: Mr. Hancock, Summer Administrator:
    Caroline High School Telephone: 804-633-9886, ext. 5114
    Carline High School Lead Counselor: Mrs. M. McMullin,
    804-633-9886, ext. 5104


Summer Academic Program 2019 Flyer (PDF format)

Internet Safety Forum

  • Who: Parents, Students, Teachers, and Community Members
  • What: Discussion on Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
  • When: April 15, 2019, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
  • Where: Caroline Community Services Center
    17202 Richmond Turnpike, Bowling Green, VA

Please join Caroline County Public Schools and the
Caroline County Sheriff’s Office for an informative discussion…

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Social Media Tips
  • Online Predators
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital Footprint
  • Online Security
  • Digital Literacy
  • Resources and Apps
  • Quick Tips for Parents

For more information, contact:
Dr. Herbert Monroe, Asst. Superintendent
804-633-5088, Ext. 1080

Caroline County Public Schools ~ Technology & Internet Safety

Technology and the Internet can be wonderful resources for kids. They can use these tools to conduct research, communicate and collaborate with educators and peers near and far. These tools can also be used to create innovative products that demonstrate student knowledge, interact with online textbooks, and utilize online education programs/games. The introduction of the CCPS 1:1 Chromebook initiative has provided equity and access to all 6th through 12th grade students and enhanced our faculty and students’ ability to naturally integrate college and career skills that will support our Cavalier graduates.
Online access also comes with risks, such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. This month’s national coverage of the Momo Challenge hoax partnered with recent community conversation regarding students’ online behaviors are critical reminders of the need for educational organizations and parents to remain vigilant regarding our children’s Internet usage. Together we can help our students learn to navigate technology usage, understand Internet etiquette, and reap the many benefits of being a responsible digital citizen.

CCPS Digital Safety Measures

CCPS uses a variety of technical means to filter and restrict the content and applications available to students including, but not limited to, internet content filtering, application whitelisting, and age-appropriate email communication restrictions. In addition to these measures, CCPS has recently implemented the following digital safety tactics:

Only CCPS issued Google email accounts can be accessed at home and in school on CCPS-issued Chromebooks.
Chromebooks screens are randomly monitored through the use of LanSchool. Several classes are piloting this tool to monitor students’ Chromebook usage during the school day and assist with appropriate digital learning.

Moving Forward

Host CCPS/Sheriff Office parent/student social media session. (April)
Create and distribute parent digital safety video clips (sent via BlackBoard email & FB).
Implement additional student lessons and professional development for teachers.
Conduct 1:1 Advisory Committee Meetings to discuss internet connectivity, safety, and innovation.

Parental Supervision
Parents’ awareness of their child’s digital footprint is critical to Internet safety. Knowing what your student sees and hears on the Internet, who he/she meets, and what is shared about his/herself supports age-appropriate digital literacy and citizenship. Talk with your student, use tools to protect him/her, and keep an eye on digital activity. Visit National Online Safety and Common Sense Media for additional resources on social media and Internet safety.

Digital Citizenship Agreement ~ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ~ 1:1 Parent Informational Video

Superintendent Community Message

Good evening, Caroline families! This is Sarah Calveric, Superintendent of Schools. Over the past month, the nation, inclusive of Caroline County Public Schools, has engaged in candid dialogue regarding societal matters, which affect our school-aged children every day. Recent media coverage has shone light on the daily challenges our students face including the recent Kid You Tube MoMo Challenge, the dangers and impact of irresponsible technology and social media usage, and most recently the use of physical violence at CHS to resolve peer conflict.

Our students’ safety is of the utmost importance to CCPS faculty and staff. While we are proud of the numerous safety measures and partnerships that are currently embraced within our buildings and classrooms, our collective growth mindset causes us to pause and reflect on opportunities for continued improvement. In the coming days and weeks, each Caroline school will revisit existing safety measures and identify any necessary refinements or enhancements. The IT Department will provide families with an overview of the 6th-12th 1:1 Chromebook initiative and accompanying tips to support parental oversight of technology devices within the home environment. The school division will continue to develop social emotional learning supports as well as partner with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office, the Student Health Advisory Board, and the Safe and Drug Free Schools Committee to ensure preventive measures and response mechanisms are highly operational.

The final and most critical step to this internal and external safety audit, if you will, is the collaborative partnership between the schools and students, families, and community stakeholders. While CCPS is bolstered and motivated by the goodness we see in our PreK-12 students each day, we know there remains much work to do to ensure every Cavalier graduate is equipped with the skills needed for a Caroline 3E: Enrollment, Enlistment and/or Employment. I ask you to consider, how can you be part of this movement… this #OneCaroline? Join a new committee, volunteer in the schools, report peer concerns anonymously to Silence Hurts (on each school’s website), monitor your child’s social media, reach out to a counselor or administrator with questions, and finally… let’s change the CCPS narrative together. If we do not tell our own story, someone else will – and there is much to be proud of in Caroline!

Thank you for your time. We look forward to welcoming students back to school tomorrow!

Sarah Calveric, Ph.D.
Caroline County Public Schools