LCES Grizzly Running Club‘s  Purpose: To promote the enjoyment of lifetime physical activity while allowing students to build relationships. Students will also learn about goal setting and work to improve performance on their 1 mile run.

Meeting Dates and Times: Students in grades K-2 will meet every Monday after school, while students in grades 3-5 will meet every Friday after school. Club is held until 4:45 PM. Students are required to run in at least 1 weekend race during each semester.

Leaders: Head Coach: Shelby Foltz 
               K-2 Assistant Coach: Courtney Raynore
               3-5 Assistant Coach: Mark Sparico
Fall Races: 
October 1– Short Pump Mile – Short Pump Towne Center- Register by Sept 25
October 22- Grizzly Grind- Lewis and Clark – Register by 15
October 28- Monster Mile- Jeff Rouse Swim and Sport Center- Register by Oct 14
November 4- Hoofin’ It 1 Mile- River Club, Fredericksburg- Register by Oct 23
November 23- Turkey Trot- James Monroe High School, Fredericksburg- Register by Nov 17
Club Rules:
  • R- Respect everyone
  •  A- Always be honesty

  •  C- 100% Challenge

  •  E- Enjoy yourself

Attendance Policy: Due to the high volume of applicants, an attendance policy will be in place this semester. Students with more than 2 club absences during the semester will be removed from Running Club and opportunities will be given to those on the waiting list.
Other Important Dates:
Sept 25– K-2 Timed Mile
Sept 29– 3-5 Timed Mile
Nov 6– K-2 Timed Mile
Nov 10– 3-5 Timed Mile
Nov 27 Final Practie- ALL GRADES
Dec 1 Party- ALL GRADES