School Counseling

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Caroline Middle School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive and developmental program that addresses the academic, career, and personal/social needs of each student. Counseling services are provided through classroom lessons, group and individual counseling, and crisis intervention. In partnership with educators, parents, and the community, our school counselors work to prepare our diverse student population to be successful lifelong learners in our ever changing society.

Counselor’s Role

  • Provide individual student academic planning and goal setting
  • Plan and teach school counseling classroom lessons based on student success standards
  • Provide short-term individual and group counseling to students
  • Send referrals for long-term support
  • Collaborate with families, teachers, administrators, support staff and community for student success
  • Advocate for students at individual education plan meetings and other student-focused meetings
  • Review data to identify student issues, needs and challenges
  (American School Counseling Association, 2022)

CMS School Counselors

How to see your school counselor?:
Click here to sign up to see your school counselor: Request to See a School Counselor Form 
Mental Health Resources


These are various mental health resources in the local (Richmond/Ashland/Fredericksburg) area. The Counseling Department does not endorse any specific provider, but instead offers this list as a general reference for those seeking treatment or support. 

If you or someone else is experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 911.  

Mental Health Resources

Program of Studies

Click here to access the program of studies to help plan a course for academic success: