Grants Fund STEM-Related In-Service Training for 258 Teachers

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has awarded grants totaling more than $213,000 to nine partnerships between school divisions and colleges and universities to increase content knowledge and sharpen classroom skills of teachers in science and mathematics.

The awards were made through VDOE’s Mathematics and Science Partnership mini-grant competition, which was announced last July. School divisions were encouraged to submit proposals to create partnerships that would provide professional development to teachers. The professional development proposals focus on supporting the implementation of the 2009 Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) and the 2010 Science SOL.

Grants were awarded to fund the following six mathematics projects:
· Building Teacher Capacity in Mathematics Instruction to Support English Language Learners – $38,081 for Chesterfield County Public Schools and Virginia Commonwealth University to serve 65 teachers.

· Improving Mathematics of Teachers in Lunenburg County (IMathTLC) – $23,330 for Lunenburg County Public Schools and Longwood University to serve 18 teachers.

· Integrated Professional Learning Communities (K-8) Centered around Applied Math & Applied Science to Support Vertical Best Practices – $13,173 for Spotsylvania County Public Schools and the University of Mary Washington to serve 15 teachers.

· Numbers & Number Sense and Computation and Estimation – $19,510 for Norton Public Schools and Virginia Tech to serve 15 teachers.

· Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning for Middle School Teachers – $19,459 for Caroline County Public Schools and Virginia Commonwealth University to serve 15 teachers.

· Supporting Math Process Goals through Research-Based Teaching Practices – $21,400 for Henrico County Public Schools and Norfolk State University to serve 60 teachers.

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The Virginia Department of Education just released the On-Time Graduation Rates for students in the class of 2015. Caroline High School’s On-Time Graduation Rate for the class of 2015 was 86.6 percent which was an increase from the class of 2014 rate of 85.9 percent.

Dr. Parker, Superintendent of Caroline County Public Schools states, “the efforts of our school personnel to increase our On-Time Graduation Rate are commendable. We can proudly say that our graduation rate has improved each year since this measure was put in place in 2008; however, there is still some work to do in this area.”

While gains have been consistent for CCPS, the state average has continued to increase as well. This year the state average On-time Graduation rose from 89.9 to 90.5 percent.

In addition to improving the overall cohort graduation rate, Caroline County has made consistent gains in reducing the cohort drop-out rate. The current 6.2 percent cohort drop-out rate reflects a 50 percent reduction of the 2012 rate of 12.5 percent.

You may access the state cohort graduation reports by visiting the below link:

High school cohort graduation reports for schools, school divisions and the state

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