Welcome to Caroline County Public Schools.




The Workplace Readiness Club wants YOU! This club is a great opportunity for Juniors and Seniors to prepare themselves for the workplace. Members of this club will have the opportunity to get some extra perks such as:

  • Resume writing – get that resume looking sharp for the job that you are wanting!
  • Dress for Success – Dress for the job that you want.
  • Attend Mock Interview day – you will have the opportunity to attend the Interview Day at the Expo in October where you will interview with business professionals. They will give you free tips & advice on how to ACE that interview and get the job.
  • Attend the VDOT Career Fair – this brings you opportunities such as: Internships, paid Apprenticeships, and much more!
  • Attend the Intern Expo – This will bring many large local businesses that will be offering paid Internships to high school students. This event brings over 100 businesses and even more Internships and opportunities.
  • All of these opportunities and MORE….and what’s even better is it is FREE!!!

Don’t be LEFT OUT!! Apply today using this link: Workplace Readiness Club

Our first informational session will be on Wednesday, September 20th during CAV block. Passes will be sent out to students who have applied to be a part of this.

If you have questions, please reach out to Mrs. Sanders in Room B34.