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JLARC’s K-12 Special Education Study and Parent Survey

About JLARC’s K-12 Special Education Study and Parent Survey

Through December 2020, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC), the non-partisan research and oversight agency of the Virginia state legislature, is conducting a study of Virginia’s K-12 special education services. In addition to other topics, the study team is reviewing Virginia’s special education identification and eligibility determination processes, inclusion of students with disabilities in academic and extracurricular experiences, IEP development and implementation, and the state’s special education dispute resolution services, such as due process hearings and state complaint services.

As part of this research, JLARC researchers are seeking input from many different stakeholders, including parents of K-12 students with disabilities, special education teachers, representatives of local special education advisory committees, division-level special education administrators, state-level special education administrators, special education staff in other states, and national experts.

To ensure that our researchers are able to obtain input from parents of K-12 students with disabilities across the state—who are key stakeholders for the study—we have developed an online survey. The survey is designed for parents, foster parents, and legal guardians of students who have received K-12 special education services at any time over the past three years.

The survey will be available through Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

In English:

To complete the survey please click this link: http://survey.jlarc.virginia.gov/Survey.aspx?s=d045c54ad7de4326a05ac43eb4079634

If you have questions, please contact JLARC staff at SpecialEdSurvey@jlarc.virginia.gov.

En Español:

La encuesta de JLARC para los padres de los alumnos en Virginia que reciben los servicios de educación especial está disponible en español. Para acceder a más información y completar la encuesta, visite http://survey.jlarc.virginia.gov/Survey.aspx?s=3f72909b2fd04ae3b3c58b37d78b58d9

Para preguntas acerca de la encuesta, por favor comuníquese con SpecialEdSurvey@jlarc.virginia.gov.

If you would prefer to access the survey from JLARC’s website, you can follow this link: http://jlarc.virginia.gov/parent-survey.asp