Relationship skills

Relationship Skills

Interpersonal skills are a critical component of the development of children. Maintaining friendships, asking for help, and working cooperatively are essential life skills.

Relationship skills help students build positive connections and friendships.Learning to perceive, assess, and manage personal emotions and being sensitive to others helps students effectively relate to friends, family, and the adults in their lives.

Healthy relationships require communication, active listening, empathy, intimacy and conflict resolution skills. These skills also include the ability to resist pressure and to seek out and offer help.

Student Development

  • Cultivating connections and friendships
  • Developing positive relationships with diverse individuals and groups
  • Practicing listening and communication skills
  • Working cooperatively
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Offering and seeking help
  • Applying appropriate uses of humor
  • Approaching relationships with positive presuppositions
  • Managing and expressing emotions in relationships, respecting diverse viewpoints
  • Resisting inappropriate social pressures