responsible decision making

Responsible Decision Making

Decision making is the ability to identify options for a choice and understanding the criteria to make a responsible choice.

Students must make positive decisions about personal behavior and social interactions daily. Being considerate of others and employing rules and social norms is imperative in and outside of the classroom.

The ability to analyze situations, brainstorm different strategies, evaluate solutions, and understand consequences is key to student success.

Knowing how to make responsible decisions builds confidence and influences behavior.

Student Development

  • Noticing and identifying problems
  • Understanding the different aspects (e.g., moral, social, emotional, practical) of challenging situations
  • Realistically evaluating the potential consequences of various actions
  • Considering the well-being of both oneself and others; balancing individual interests with the greater good
  • Valuing ethical/moral principles, such as justice, fairness, and the rights and welfare of all people
  • Applying ethical standards to personal and social behavior
  • Recognizing the role of emotions in decision-making and integrating them with other concerns
  • Solving problems in intentional and appropriate ways
  • Reflecting on one’s own actions