Social Awareness

Social Awareness

Social Awareness is an aspect of Emotional Intelligence which encompasses key life skills such as empathy, compassion, and understanding of relationships. A strong sense of social awareness means one can effectively use these skills to accurately read situations and people because they are able to understand and empathize with their emotions.

Research suggests that students with strong social awareness adapt more easily to their environment, empathize with the perspectives of others, and engage in fewer disruptive classroom behaviors.

Findings also suggest that students who demonstrate strong social awareness are able to engage in constructive communication with their peers and resolve conflicts when they arise.

Student Development

  • Encourage constructive communication
  • Inspire students to socialize with peers outside of their regular social circles
  • Work on collaborative school projects
  • Practice eye contact and active listening
  • Teach and model respectful body language
  • Share and ask questions to show interest and discover commonalities with different groups
  • Celebrate good news with smiles, high-fives, and congratulatory words
  • Encourage empathy and an appreciation for diversity