Welcome to Caroline County Public Schools.

Superintendent’s Message, February 2016

February is a great month to say “Thank You”.

The month of February is packed with recognitions and acknowledgements.   As educators, we give thanks in February for the many contributions of school board members, school board clerks and school counselors.

At the February School Board meeting, in addition to receiving a certificate of appreciation from the school division, our board members were provided gifts and acknowledgements from each of our schools and division staff.  Dr. Rebecca Broaddus, our school board clerk, was also recognized with a certificate and gift from the board for her service to the school division.  Additionally, the school board will be treated to a lunch in their honor at Caroline Middle School on Thursday, February 25, 2016.

Along with recognizing our school board and clerk, our school counselors were recognized this month for their contributions to the school division and students of CCPS.  Our counselors play a tremendous role in improving the climate and culture of our schools.  They work with teachers, parents, social workers, and many others to advance the academic, career and social objectives of the school organization.  So much so, I often tell counselors that the school counseling program is in many ways just as important as the instructional program of a school.

School counselors encourage the development of many of the interpersonal skills that students need to be successful, such as self-regulation, resilience and empathy and conflict resolution.  Additionally, when we speak of our schools being a safe haven for students, we know that our counselors are an integral part of providing that environment.

If you haven’t taken a moment to thank our board members or a school counselor this month, please do so.  They are an integral part of our team and deserve your acknowledgement.

Black History Month

In addition to the above, February is the month that we celebrate Black History throughout the country.  While this month is known as Black History Month; many in the African American community consider this month as simply acknowledging the contributions of men and women of African descent in the development of the greatest nation on earth.

Therefore, I appreciate your efforts to educate your students on the contributions of African Americans and more importantly, their roles in shaping the society in which we all live and benefit from today.

All schools and staff are congratulated for hosting events, morning announcements, book-talks, and other engaging events for students.