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2022-2023 CCPS Novice Teacher/Educator of the Year: Danni Ryan

Danni Ryan graduated with her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Theater from California University of Pennsylvania and her Master’s of Science in Education from Duquesne University with a double major in Clinical & Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling.  Danni has worked at Madison Elementary School for the past two years as a school counselor.  During this time, Ms. Ryan has participated on the Madison Elementary School Attendance Committee, VTSS Committee, Instructional Leadership Team, division CARE team and has served as a 504 Case Manager.  Furthermore, Danni has provided professional development to staff for Zones of Regulation, Self Care, Breathing and Creating Break Spaces in the Classroom.  

Ms. Ryan has been recognized by staff at Madison this year receiving multiple positive referrals for organizing a fun career day, for providing support and reinforcing the learning of the zones of regulation, for her work with the drama club and for her support of students, families and staff

Ms. Ryan brings excitement to the students at Madison engaging them with music, technology and tactile activities for differentiated instruction in whole group lessons.  Additionally she provides individual support to those who need it, supporting their various needs to better prepare and support them for learning in the classroom.   

Mrs. Ryan also works closely with families providing them with a variety of support to include helping with resources, connecting them with outside agencies and helping them find outside activities for their children.  Ms. Ryan states,  “the best part of working in a school setting is getting to create strong bonds between students, staff, families and the community, taking pride in living in the community she works with.”