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2022-2023 CCPS Support Staff of the Year: Kristal Perry

Mrs. Perry has worked as a CCPS custodian for the past two years. Mrs. Perry understands the importance of a clean building and the impact that it has on the health and safety of students and staff.   

Mrs. Perry is admired and respected by students and co-workers.  She gives hugs freely to students and encourages them to do their best, she provides teachers assistance  when needed and is willing to provide support to the evening staff when needed.  She displays initiative and creativity by first growing herself by participating in training and then making recommendations to administration to help streamline the cleaning of the building.  

Mrs. Perry mentors students who may be struggling behaviorally by allowing them to be “student helpers.”  During this time, she provides guidance and encouragement and then makes sure she follows up with them by checking in and continuing to encourage and positively challenge them.  

Mrs. Perry works with a smile on her face and her positive manner  brings joy to both staff and students.  She has a can-do attitude and is willing to go above and beyond to make sure the job doesn’t just get done…but gets it done in a manner that staff, students and the community take pride in their clean and safe environment.  Mrs. Perry demonstrates the ability to do all things with excellence on a daily basis!