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CCPS Division Teacher of the Year- Ms. Melanie Brown

Caroline County Public Schools is proud to announce Ms. Melanie Brown as the 2023-2024 Division Teacher of the Year. 

Ms. Brown is a 5th grade teacher at Bowling Green Elementary School.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from SUNY Cortland and has been teaching for 26 years.  Melanie joined the Madison Mustangs team in 2008, spent two short years in a neighboring division, and returned to CCPS in 2018. In addition to her classroom role, Ms. Brown serves as a teacher mentor and grade level chair.


Ms. Brown’s exemplary teaching skills have included reconstruction of the science classroom to include student-led goal setting and progress monitoring.  With an array of hands-on learning and lab experiments, Melanie creates a safe learning environment where students feel comfortable taking academic risks. Ms. Brown states, “The best part of teaching science to over one-hundred fifth graders is watching each student making connections to the real world.” Before experiencing Ms. Brown as a science teacher, many students thought a career in science was solely wearing a lab coat and mixing chemicals. Now her students have exposure to many different career pathways that emphasize science and STEM backgrounds. 


Beyond Ms. Brown’s classroom expertise, Melanie engages students’ families in their education through two-way communication, regularly sharing photos from the classroom, and encouraging students and parents/guardians to discuss classroom events and learning. Putting action behind her passion for family involvement, Ms. Brown hosted a star gazing party for students and families to discover celestial objects alongside two amateur astronomers who brought items and equipment from NASA.


Ms. Brown will go on to compete at the state level for the 2024 Mary V. Bicouvaris Virginia Teacher of the Year Program.  Please join us in congratulating Ms. Melanie Brown as the CCPS 2023-2024 Division Teacher of the Year!