Solar Eclipse

We’re thrilled to share that a solar eclipse, a fascinating scientific phenomenon, will occur on Monday, April 8th. In our CCPS viewing area, the moon will obscure approximately 85% of the sun between 2:00 and 4:20 pm.   While we won’t experience totality (100% coverage), it promises to be a great learning and viewing opportunity. 

To ensure both safety and educational enrichment, CCPS has purchased protective eyewear for all students and staff. Attached is an article providing essential guidance for safely observing this celestial event. Staff will review these tips on Monday, April 8 and distribute protective eyewear to each student and staff member. As an added precaution, all after school activities will be conducted indoors for the duration of the eclipse.

We encourage all families to discuss the safety recommendations at home over spring break as we embrace this very special event. We’ve included two resources that families can use to support this conversation. 

This eclipse marks a truly historic occasion, as the next visible one in the United States will occur in 2044. Let’s make the most of this remarkable learning opportunity together!