Strategic Plan

Superintendent’s Message

We are excited to move forward a strategic plan for Caroline County Public Schools that provides a clear vision for the future and a blueprint for the excellence in education. This plan was designed in partnership with students, parents, school personnel and community members over the course of the 2016-2017 school year. Throughout this process, information was shared with our stakeholders through small group meetings for the purpose of receiving both input and feedback. Our School Board members participated as well by serving on committees or through participation in several scheduled work sessions.

The goals and objectives of the plan serve as a roadmap for maneuvering the complex tasks associated with reaching our vision for success. The plan is designed to maximize community and division resources as we transform CCPS into one of the best school divisions in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is understandable that a transformation of that magnitude will require an all-hands on deck approach to addressing any barriers to student achievement.

We chose Pathways 2022 as the formal name of our strategic plan to emphasize that we are setting a clear direction for the future of CCPS. However, I do not envision our path to be a well-traveled or worn route to our chosen destination; but, one which as the potential for innovation, creativity and new discovery. Therein lies the excitement in the journey that we are about to take together.

I would like to thank the Caroline County School Board and the many staff and community volunteers who participated throughout this process. Your commitment to the welfare of our students has been both commendable and appreciated.


Dr. Sarah Calveric

2018-2019 Presentations

September 2018

Objective 3.1: Crisis Prevention & Preparedness New!
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August 2018

Objective 3.1: Crisis Prevention & Preparedness
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2017-2018 Presentations

October 2017

Goal 1.2: Teaching and Learning (Digital Champions)
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September 2017

Goal 4.2: Organizational Effectiveness (Talent Management)
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